Innovation In Textile Processing Technology.

Utilizing MSLE® Technology for the Treatment of Fabrics.

MTIX Ltd is an advanced materials and processing technology company located in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK. The company has developed a novel cost effective and environmentally friendly material synthesis technology for textile applications.



  • Natural & Synthetic Textiles
  • Eco-Friendly

Multiplexed Laser Surface Enhancement "MLSE®" technology utilizes combined high power pulsed UV laser and high frequency electrical discharge plasma, to create a high energy reaction zone at substrate interface, promoting rapid synthesis to achieve the required functional treatments.

image1 Natural Fibers
image1 Natural Fibers
image2 Synthetic Fabrics
Multiplexed Laser Surface Enhancement (MLSE®)

MLSE® is a unique technology that has the ability to treat both natural and synthetic textiles for a wide variety of functionalities; These include dyeability and printing enhancements, hydrophilicity, hydrophobicity, fire retardancy and anti-microbial properties.

The use of water, harmful chemicals and energy is significantly reduced in comparison to conventional textile treatment methods.

The MLSE® process is instantaneous in the reaction zone, due to rapid reaction synthesis for any required functional properties.

image1 Eco-Friendly Process


Eco-friendly process with minimal byproduct.

MLSE® is dry process, carried out at atmospheric pressure using safe, inert gases (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon & Carbon Dioxide) and proprietary precursors.

image2 Eco-Friendly Process

Expert independent analysis of the unique MLSE® process suggests that the following reductions will be achieved:

  • Use of hazardous resource (irritant/corrosive and bio-accumulative) eliminated completely.
  • Energy consumption reduced by 99.6%
  • Greenhouse gas reduction over baseline of 90.9%
  • Resource (chemical) use reduced by 94.8%
  • Water consumption reduced by >75.5%

The combination of plasma and photonic energy enables material synthesis in and/or on the surface of a substrate. The MLSE® process has been developed working with major textile manufacturers in the UK, Europe and international customers, working with real time processes for performance enhancement including low temperature dyeing, water and oil repellency, fire retardancy and anti-microbial treatments.

The innovation of MLSE® technology has advanced over several decades, through the development of proprietary multiple energy sources for synthesizing novel materials and functional treatments.



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